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Registering Foreign Orders Forms Available

Register Foreign Orders (RFO)


Packets to register out-of-state (foreign) family court orders are now available for purchase at all Maricopa County Superior Court Self-Service Center locations or to download for free online at www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/ssc under Family Court forms.  There are separate packets to register out-of-state custody orders and out-of-state orders for family support (spousal maintenance and/or child support), as well as papers to request a hearing to object to the registration or certain limited aspects of the order to be registered.


Once registered, support orders may be enforced just as if the order was issued in Arizona, but if one of the parties remains in and has never moved from the state where the order was issued, the registering party will not be able to modify the order in Arizona.  Jurisdictional requirements must also be met before Arizona can enforce custody, or modify either custody or support.



  • A filing fee is required to register a custody order.
  • No fee is required to register a support order.
  • After registration, normal post-decree filing fees for modification or enforcement apply.
  • A fee is required to request a hearing to object to registration except on the basis of lack of jurisdiction.




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FAQ: Early Resolution Management Conference

The purpose of Early Resoluntion Managment Conference (ERC) is to bring the parties involved in a Family Court case together to resolve disagreements and formalize any agreements during the ERC.

Generally the court schedules an ERC after one party responds or answers to a petition that has been filed to start a case or modify a case. ERC is scheduled when neither party is represented by a lawyer.

The Maricopa County Superior Court’s ERC webpage provides more details about ERC in addition to forms that can’t be found elsewhere, such as the Request to Reschedule  and the Request to Appear by Phone.

Other Self Service Center forms that may be helpful:

Disclosure Statement and Update Address or Name with the Court

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