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Westlaw Next App Tip

A tip for those of you who have Westlaw subscriptions:

“Tip of the Week” from WestlawNext 07/29/2013

When you need to get a copy of a case on someone’s desk and you’re anywhere but attached to a printer, the WestlawNext™ iPad app will come to your rescue.

You can access your research on the go, — in client meetings, in court, and everywhere in between, — and send your documents to a wireless printer.

Once you have located the document you want to print, tap Tools. Then tap Prepare to Print.

A box will appear to notify you that the document is being prepared for printing.

Once the document is prepared, a printer icon will appear and glow.


  • Select your printer
  • Choose a range of pages to print and the number of copies.

A box appears notifying you that the print job was successfully sent to your printer.

For more info see the Westlaw Next app website:




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Plenty of Free Apps at USA.gov

The United States of America has great mobile applications. It is a cool website (do I dare say – fun?) to find apps relating to anything government.

Click the logo to go to the website


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And speaking of mobile apps…

the Law Library now has a catalog interface designed for smartphones.

It provides easy access to the catalog with search screens designed to fit on a smartphone display.  The catalog is even available in Spanish.

For an icon to go with the rest of your apps, go to lawlibrary.maricopa.gov and bookmark the catalog.

The login function isn’t working yet, but when it does, you’ll be able to save booklists, check your account, update your record and keep a private reading history. 

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