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High Profile Cases in Maricopa County Superior Court

Like any trial court, our Court can have its share of notorious cases.  When a notorious or high profile case comes along, we provide more information about the case online.  We have a high profile case list which, when you put in the party’s name, will tell you the next hearing date and time along with the status of the case.  You can type in the last name Arias if you would like to see how the list works.  And, we also offer video clips of certain cases on our video news page.  If you decide you want to come see a high profile case in person, the Court cannot guarantee you will have a seat in the courtroom.  In addition, some hearings are not open to the public.  Be sure to check if the court hearing is public before you travel to visit us.  You can also follow our Court on Twitter for current information on high profile cases too.  Our Twitter handle is @courtpio.


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A Recommendation: Extending Border Zone to Include All of Arizona

Maricopa County Association of Governments (MAG) Economic Development Committee (EDC) has recommended that the MAG Regional Council approve a resolution to extend the Border Zone in Arizona.

Currently the Border Zone is 75 miles into Arizona from Mexico port of entries (25 miles from the Yuma port).  Mexican nationals can obtain a Border Crossing Card so that they can cross into the U.S. more easily to shop in the Border Zone.

MAG is supporting the resolution to include the entire state in the Border Zone to increase tourism.

To see the full presentation click here: Expanding Border Zones Statewide

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Maricopa Co. Superior Ct. Law Library Featured in the Informed Librarian!


Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library

by Jennifer Murray
The Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library is a public law library under the administration of the Maricopa County Superior Court, a trial court, which serves the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.  Our mission is to be a national model for providing access to legal information and resources. The library is consolidated as a department with the Maricopa County Self-Service Center.  We have over 100,000 volumes, provide over 1,600 legal forms, and serve over 240,000 people (public, attorneys, judges and court staff) annually, not including those who access our information online independently.  We have a staff of 31 people: 12 in the library and 19 in the Self-Service Center.  Our main location is in Downtown Phoenix, and we also have 3 regional satellite locations in the outlying Phoenix metro area.
Pursuant to state law, our funding is obtained primarily from a percentage of court filing fees.  Through these funds, the department offers a wide variety of services.  We offer current awareness tools including our Law Library Blog.  We also offer print research resources including bibliographies and research guides.  Recently, we have begun producing a Library video series called “Check this out” which is available on YouTube.   Our print collection focuses primarily on Arizona and federal legal materials, but we also have specialized collections including a self-help collection, professional library collection, court administration collection and leadership library.  We have recently engaged in a grant-funded effort with our State Library to train library staff in public libraries on appropriately referring legal reference questions.
The Self-Service Center offers a forms library and was the first legal self-help center in the nation, established in 1995.  Our forms are available online in fillable pdf in both English and Spanish.  We also created an intelligent online forms application called ezCourtForms which is similar to TurboTax for legal documents.  Our newest effort is a pilot for assisting self-represented litigants with completing our legal forms by providing them with one-on-one appointments with a court staff member. We always innovate and hope you check our website regularly online and subscribe to our blog to find out what we are up to next!
Copyright 2013 by Jennifer Murray.

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