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FAQ: Arizona Legal Material – NBI


Newest NBI books available at the Downtown Law Library.

National Business Institute (NBI) is a resource for Arizona specific legal materials and seminars. NBI offers on-demand materials, books, CD’s and DVD’s for most states.

NBI books are continuing legal education (CLE) courses offered to attorneys. NBI prints a book of the course and then sells them to the public. For more about NBI click here.

These books can be invaluable for finding Arizona topic specific laws and pertinent secondary information when no other exists. NBI books are not your typical treatises; the books have a table of contents but no index and often look as though the course handouts were scanned in.

Come check out the Downtown Law Library’s NBI collection next time your looking for a needle in an Arizona haystack: Law Library NBI books.

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Judicial education program of @azcourts hits 30-year milestone

AZ Attorney

Arizona_Supreme_Court_SealI received some interesting news recently from Heather Murphy (she is the Director of Communications for the Arizona Supreme Court and Administrative Office of the Courts). Heather let me know that judicial education—what we all know as COJET—turned 30 this week. (It doesn’t look a day over 20!)

The anniversary was on November 18, to be precise. (And when you’re dealing with continuing education, you want to be precise!)

When it comes to lawyer education—MCLE—I have heard an earful over the years. But many attorneys may be unaware of all the continuing ed that judicial officers must obtain.

I am looking for stories of court innovation that we can tell in 2014 as part of our NextLaw initiative, and I’m expecting some of those stories may come from our own Supreme Court. I appreciate this story, which is a jump-start on that effort.

Here is

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Westlaw Next New Key Numbering and Library’s Patron Access Class

Westlaw Next announced Key Number changes .

The changes resulted in the following new topics:

  • Education
  • Election Law
  • Extortion
  • Threats, Stalking and Harassment
  • Updated -> Federal Civil Procedure


Don’t miss out on the last Westlaw Next Patron Access Class of the 2013 – Tuesday, November 5th at 9am.

Call 602-506-3461 to register, class size is limited.

There is also a COJET for county employees later in the month of November, call or look online at your training department page for more details if you are eligible.

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