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Planning for Parenting Time

Parents in the process of trying to develop a parenting time schedule for the parties in their case may find the guide Planning for Parenting Time helpful. The guide can be found on the Arizona Supreme Court’s website and was updated in 2013.  Although the guide does not offer legal advice or opinions, it does present sample plans and ideas that parents may be able to use in developing a workable parenting plan for their situation. The Arizona laws regarding custody, parenting time, and parenting plans were revised effective in January of this year. The Arizona statutes can be accessed online at and the custody/parenting time statutes begin at ARS 25-401.


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“Court Watchers”

The Arizona Supreme Court has launched a new website  posting cases currently before the Court.

Agendas and Cases before the Court

On a similar note, Maricopa County Superior Court Media Relations Department  has a High Profile List that can be searched by name, or simply click a time frame and search button. The high profile case(s) that will be heard within the time period or by the name entered will be listed.

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New Family Court Video on You Tube

A new video about Family Court Workshops is posted on the Superior Court’s YouTube site and also on the Court’s Intranet site. Enjoy!


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