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Westlaw Next App Tip

A tip for those of you who have Westlaw subscriptions:

“Tip of the Week” from WestlawNext 07/29/2013

When you need to get a copy of a case on someone’s desk and you’re anywhere but attached to a printer, the WestlawNext™ iPad app will come to your rescue.

You can access your research on the go, — in client meetings, in court, and everywhere in between, — and send your documents to a wireless printer.

Once you have located the document you want to print, tap Tools. Then tap Prepare to Print.

A box will appear to notify you that the document is being prepared for printing.

Once the document is prepared, a printer icon will appear and glow.


  • Select your printer
  • Choose a range of pages to print and the number of copies.

A box appears notifying you that the print job was successfully sent to your printer.

For more info see the Westlaw Next app website:


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App Info Worth Sharing – Reblogging

Cool Law Firm Developed Apps and their Myriad Uses

(from The Bose News Blog)

The huge growth in use of mobile devices is rapidly fueling app development, and many law firms are jumping on the app bandwagon. Currently, many law firm apps are marketing focused – that is, the purpose is to reach existing and potential clients, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  But over the long term, firms should shift their focus to include more client service and resource focused apps intended to address the needs of firms’ ultimate customers
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Apps and More!

The site recently had two articles that may be of interest to the tech-savvy lawyer!  “Reference Apps for the Mobile Lawyer” discusses some of the reference applications that are available to make it easier for attorneys to find information quickly and easily anytime they have their mobile phone handy. Another article that may be of interest is “Internet Research Tips and Tricks for Lawyers”.  In the article, the author talks about reading the book The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet  (12th edition) and finds that, despite thinking she has plenty of internet savvy,  she manages to learn some tips and tricks for internet searching which she shares with her readers.

 Several new books in the Law Library’s collection may also be of interest!  Come to the Law Library and check out these titles:  iPad in One Hour for LawyersiPad Apps in One Hour for LawyersLinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers; and Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers.



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