Divorce for a Covenant Marriage

In 1998, Arizona enacted a covenant marriage law. This type of marriage requires that both husband and wife would have had to:

1. sign papers requesting to have a covenant marriage;

2. attend pre-marital counseling; AND

3. the marriage license would say “Covenant Marriage.”

Occasionally, though, couples with a covenant marriage will seek a divorce. To request a divorce of a covenant marriage, the parties must have grounds.  ARS 25-903 outlines the different grounds for a divorce of a covenant marriage.

Couples seeking a covenant marriage divorce will often ask at the Self-Service Center and the Law Library for a packet for divorce for a covenant marriage. Currently, there are no preprinted packets for a divorce for a covenant marriage.  However, if a couple has a covenant marriage and wants to file for a divorce, they can access ezCourtForms which can generate the petition to file for a divorce of a covenant marriage. EzCourtForms will prompt the user with questions in an interactive process and, at the end of the process, should create a petition for a covenant marriage.



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