Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Arizona Republic began a four-part series on prosecutorial misconduct in yesterday’s newspaper.   If you are interested in finding out more about the general topic of prosecutorial misconduct , the Law Library has a couple of resources that may be helpful.  Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law, Procedure, Forms  by Joseph F. Lawless contains sections on such broad subjects as grand jury abuses and how to combat them, prosecutorial abuse of the decision to charge, abuses of the discovery process, plea negotiations, plea agreements, and pretrial strategy, prosecutorial abuses in jury selection , prosecutorial misconduct at sentencing, and much more.  Another resource is simply entitled Prosecutorial Misconduct and is written by Bennett L. Gershman. This publication has chapters on investigative misconduct, misconduct in grand jury, abuse of process, abuse of charging function, nondisclosure of evidence, misuse of the media, misconduct in plea bargaining process, delay, jury selection and more.



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