Social Media and the Law

With the prevalence of social media in our lives today, it was just a matter of time before legal questions regarding social media would arise. Two recent additions to the Law Library’s collection may be helpful to attorneys and other parties interested in the evolving legal aspects of social media.  A treatise entitled Social Media and the Law by Kathryn L. Ossian includes chapters on various legal issues about social media including privacy; copyrights, ownership, and control of content; trademarks and brand protection; defamation, other torts, and related cybercrimes; employment and workplace issues; and more. Another recent addition to the Law Library collection is Social Media as Evidence: Cases, Practice Pointers, and Techniques by Joshua Briones and Ana Tagvoryan.  This slim volume covers such topics as retrieval and retention of social media; discovery of social media in a civil action; foundation and authentication; and use of social media during trial.  You can also search the Law Library catalog for other titles that may be of interest to you or contact the Law Library at 602-506-3461.



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