Arizona DUI Resources

Arizona attorneys or pro pers dealing with a DUI case may wish to stop in the Law Library and review several resources related to DUIs in Arizona. Among the resources are Arizona DUI Defense: The Law and Practice by James Nesci. This resource is in its third edition and includes chapters on such topics as pre-trial investigations, pre-trial motion practice, plea offers, dui investigations: driving and field sobriety testing, chemical testing and more. Another helpful resource is the Arizona DUI Trial Notebook by Bruce Chalk and Christina Cabanillas. The Arizona DUI Trial Notebook is published by the State Bar of Arizona and is in its fourth edition. It contains citations and summaries for numerous Arizona DUI related cases along with sample voir dire and direct questions as well as DUI jury instructions. Additionally, Arizona DUI: A Manual for Police, Lawyers, and Judges by Judge Jefferson Lankford has information on searches, observations of intoxicated behavior, breath testing, blood and body fluid tests, defendant’s pretrial rights, and more. Editions of the manual dating back to 2002 may be found in the Law Library with the 2012-2013 edition as the most recent edition.

The Law Library has many other resources that may be helpful for your legal research needs. You can search our library catalog online at or contact the Law Library at 602-506-3461.



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