Restoration of Civil Rights Workshops

Staff from the Office of the Juvenile Public Defender conducts a workshop entitled “A New Day, A Changed Life” at the Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library.  This restoration of civil rights workshop is free to ex-offenders, adult and youth, who want their records reclassified and their rights restored.

These workshops are held a various times throughout the year, call 602-372-6803 to find out the date of the next one.

Pre-registration is encouraged. Anyone interested in registering can contact the Law Library at 602-506-3461.

Attendees are asked to bring the following items:


-Case Number(s)

-Date of Arrest/Arresting Agency

-What you pled guilty to and the date of the plea

-Date of Discharge from Probation

-Absolute Discharge from ADOC

-Proof of completed financial obligations

 For additional information on the workshop, call 602-372-6803.


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