ASU Offers Classes for Divorced or Separated Parents

While most children adapt well following divorce, they are at increased risk for a range of problems including mental health problems, substance abuse and poor school achievement.

Two Arizona State University psychology professors developed the New Beginnings Program, a parenting-after-divorce skill building program that teaches positive parenting skills that can help parents build strong families following divorce.

The professors’ research showed that divorcing parents who participate in the program have children who experience fewer behavior and emotional problems, higher grades, higher self-esteem, less substance abuse and less early sexual activity. The improvements in children’s behavior were due to the parenting skills taught in the program.

The program is part of an evaluation funded by the National Institutes of Health and is presented in collaboration with family courts and social service agencies. The program is free of charge for parents participating in an evaluation of the program.

To be eligible, parents must be single and divorced or separated from a spouse or domestic partner during the past two years, have children between the ages of 3 and 18.

Parents who are interested in participating can call toll-free 855-531-0851 or visit


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