Updated 12/17/2012

Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library

The forms to file a civil lawsuit in Superior Court can be found at the following website http://www.clerkofcourt.maricopa.gov/CATALOG.htm#CivilCourtForms.

Generally the following forms are required to file a lawsuit.

  • Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration Arizona law says any case that is less than $50,000 will go to arbitration. If your case does not exceed 50K it is subject to arbitration – circle the appropriate combination; date and sign.
  • Maricopa Co. Statewide Coversheet to let the court know what kind of case you’re filing.
  • Blank Motionis the form to write your lawsuit on. This form is the first page only, follow on plain, white paper if you need more room.
  • Summons

Once your forms are complete, make at least 2 copies (one for each respondent and one for yourself) and file them with the Clerk of Court. The filing fee for a civil lawsuit is $309.00. The Clerk will keep the original documents…

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