Apps and More!

The site recently had two articles that may be of interest to the tech-savvy lawyer!  “Reference Apps for the Mobile Lawyer” discusses some of the reference applications that are available to make it easier for attorneys to find information quickly and easily anytime they have their mobile phone handy. Another article that may be of interest is “Internet Research Tips and Tricks for Lawyers”.  In the article, the author talks about reading the book The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet  (12th edition) and finds that, despite thinking she has plenty of internet savvy,  she manages to learn some tips and tricks for internet searching which she shares with her readers.

 Several new books in the Law Library’s collection may also be of interest!  Come to the Law Library and check out these titles:  iPad in One Hour for LawyersiPad Apps in One Hour for LawyersLinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers; and Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers.




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