Law & Government for Kids

Websites to explore for KIDS!


Arizona Kids Page – Governors Office

Arizona State Library for Kids – many different links to a variety of websites.

All about Arizona at Secretary of State for Kids – A Safe Place to Learn and Play

Ben’s Guide to the US Government for Kids – Maintained by federal government agencies.

Kid’s Page Inside the Courtroom – US Department of Justice, US Attorney’s Office

Below are Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education publications and sites geared toward young adults and children.

When You Turn 18 – Many new rights and responsibilities arise when you become an adult. Answers to questions about voting, contracts, jury duty, criminal liability and more are contained within this booklet’s 52 pages. It is important to understand how these changes affect your life when you turn 18. 

Court Story Coloring Book – A fun and engaging way to learn about court in both English and Spanish, Court Story is now in its 4th edition. Brochure – Find out about the award winning interactive website for kids in Arizona. Stay Out of Jail Game Cards – A fun and engaging way to learn about the laws and interact with the website,



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