Labor Day and Employment Law

The Labor Day holiday reminds us to celebrate the contributions of the American worker. Unfortunately, there are times when employment situations arise that require legal action or intervention. If you or someone you know is facing an employment related legal issue in the state of Arizona, you may wish to come to the Law Library and look at the Arizona Employment Law Handbook. The Arizona Employment Law Handbook is a two-volume set published by the State Bar of Arizona (last updated in 2010). It contains sections on the history of Arizona employment law as well as information on collective bargaining, Arizona wage law, employee benefits, employment torts, discrimination, and much more. The Handbook also covers both public and private employment issues in addition to discussing various federal employment acts and their applicability in the state of Arizona. The Law Library keeps a copy of the Handbook behind the Reference Desk for in-Library Use Only, but there is an additional copy that may be checked out for patrons with a valid Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library card.



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