WestlawNext Now Available

The Law Library is pleased to announce the addition of WestlawNext Patron Access for our customers.

When using the current version of Westlaw (Westlaw Classic), a user needs to know exactly what database they want to search in.  One of the most exciting features of WestlawNext is that the user does not have to select a database before beginning a search.   Type your search into a single search box, select a jurisdiction from the drop down menu and you’re on your way!

Westlaw Next has some handy features like a small eyeglass icon that appears next to any document you’ve already looked at.  So no more wondering if you’ve already viewed a particular document! You can also browse WestlawNext by topic and state or federal content; and the History tab will track what exactly you searched, not just what you viewed.

As you move to WestlawNext, you won’t have to learn any new research skills.  The Reference staff is working on putting together classes on the use of Westlaw Next but if you’re anxious to start using WestlawNext right away, then you can check out this YouTube video or take a look at a WestlawNext’s quick reference guide  You can also use this handy chart that compares Westlaw and WestlawNext.



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