Environmental Law in Arizona

A recent article in the Arizona Republic on an Arizona researcher’s study of the dangers of living in dust is a reminder of the impact environmental factors play in everyday life in the Valley of the Sun.  And, of course, legal concerns and issues often arise out of the environmental hazards we face.  The Law Library has some resources that may be of interest to anyone that desires to gain a greater understanding of environmental law. The Maricopa County Bar Association published the 2nd edition of the The Most Frequently Asked Questions in Environmental Law in 2011. This resource has chapters on air quality protection, water quality protection, management of solid and hazardous waste, protection of wildlife, insurance claims for environmental liability and much more. Another current resource on Arizona environmental issues is BLR’s Environmental Compliance in Arizona. Topics are arranged alphabetically and cover a vast array of issues from aboveground storage tanks to wetlands. You can also search our catalog to find other Law Library resources on environmental law or other topics in which you may be interested.



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