FAQ: How do I appeal a decision in my court case?

Arizona Appeals Guides

If a party to a case wishes to appeal the decision in their court case, there are definite time frames and court rules that apply.

The Arizona Judicial Branch has several helpful guides on their website that can “walk” litigants through the process of appealing a court decision. The guides may be found by going to  http://azcourts.gov/selfservicecenter/SelfServiceForms.aspx and then scrolling down to the “Appeals” table.

There are different guides for different situations, so any litigant using the guides must make sure they choose the guide that fits their situation. At the link above you will find the guides in PDF and Word formats.

There are 5 guides available:

  1. appealing a civil (or family) case from the Superior Court to the Court of Appeals and Arizona Supreme Court;
  2. appealing a workers’ compensation decision from the Arizona Industrial Commission to the Superior Court;
  3. appealing a civil non-traffic case from a Justice or Municipal Court to the Superior Court;
  4. appealing a criminal case from a Justice or Municipal Court to the Superior Court;
  5. and a guide on appealing a civil traffic decision from a Justice or Municipal Court to the Superior Court.

More detailed information on the appeals process in various types of cases may also be found in a multi-volume set called The Arizona Appellate Handbook which you can access at the Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library.


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